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 Nosocomial methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections have been documented since the middle of the 1980s, which was the time when acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) emerged as a public health issue overseas, with subsequent focus placed on multidrug-resistant organisms. The momentum towards establishment of the Japanese Society for Infection Prevention and Control (JSIPC) was fostered by the Higashi Hachimantai Symposium led by Dr. Rinji Kawana based on the concept that team-based approach is indispensable for nosocomial infection control.

 On April 2, 1985, the preparatory committee for establishing Japanese Society for Environmental Infection (JSEI) was set up. The founders were Dr. Yasushi Ueda (The Jikei University School of Medicine), Dr. Kihachiro Shimizu (Tokyo Women's Medical University), Dr. Rinji Kawana (Iwate Medical University), and Dr. Yoshiaki Kumamoto (Sapporo Medical University), with Dr. Hiroyoshi Kobayashi (The University of Tokyo) and Dr. Fumio Matsumoto (Kanagawa Prefecture Midwives and Nurses Training School) joining the committee to take charge of general affairs.

 Nosocomial infection has been recognized as an infection of environmental origin. It was confirmed by JSEI that, while placing its research focus on nosocomial infection control, JSEI was to expand its research to cover infectious diseases caused by environmental changes, epidemiological study and investigation into the cause of infectious diseases, infection control measures, hospital building equipment and infection, and intestinal infections. In recent years, in the area of nosocomial infection control, there have been emerging issues including frequent emergence of drug-resistant organisms, in-hospital airborne infection, complex infection associated with advancement in medical technology, and opportunistic infectious diseases in patients vulnerable to infection. Becoming a general incorporated association and changing its English name to the current "Japanese Society for Infection Prevention and Control (JSIPC)" in January 2014, JSIPC has become one of the largest academic societies in the infection control field.

Major Activities of JSEI/JSIPC

1986 Published the JSEI Journal, Environmental Infections, Vol. 1, No. 1.
1990 Issued the "Guidelines for Prevention of Nosocomial Infections," the first of its kind published in Japan.
1995 10th anniversary project: Overseas training program for nurses (A total of 12 nurses participated in 2 years.)
2001 Issued "Nosocomial Infection Prevention Manual."
2001 Certified 16 hospitals as educational institutions (thereafter adding certified institutions).
2004 Issued the "Japanese-English Cross-reference Table for the JSEI-related Terms."
2005 Issued the 20th anniversary magazine.
Held the 1st ICP Workshop
2006 Released an educational presentation material, "Educational Tool."
2006 Held the JSEI Education Committee Workshop which replaced the ICP Workshop (continuing).
2008 Changed the JSEI journal title to "Japanese Journal of Environmental Infections."
Announced the JSEI's view on the handling of lancing devices for capillary blood sampling.
2008 Initiated production of DVD materials for the Education Committee Workshop (continuing).
2008 Issued the "Multi-society Guidelines for Cleaning and Disinfection of Digestive Endoscopes."
2009 Issued the "Guidelines for Vaccines as Measures against Nosocomial Infection."
2009 Issued the "Guidance on Prevention of Infection with New Influenza A (H1N1) Virus in Healthcare Settings."
2009 Organized the Epidemiological Training Course (continuing).
2009 Submitted materials and written opinion for the establishment of additional reimbursement for infection prevention associated with the revision of medical fee points.
2009 Launched an initiative to establish a community support network for certified educational institutions to prevent nosocomial infection.
2010 Issued the Terminology Booklet.
2010 Issued the "Recommendations on Multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter Infections" (by four infection-related societies).
2010 Established the Multidrug-resistant Organism Infection Control Committee.
2011 Released the "Infection Control Manual for Community Evacuation Centers."
Released the "Position Paper on the Control of Multidrug-resistant Gram-negative Infections."
Released the "Guidelines for Efficacy Evaluation of Antiseptics: Hand Hygiene 2011."
2012 Issued the revised edition of the "Multi-society Guidelines for Infection Prevention and Control of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy."
2014 Released the "Guidance on Infection Control Management in the Areas Affected by Large-scale Natural Disaster."
Released the "Guidelines for Efficacy Evaluation of Antiseptics: Surgical Field Disinfection 2013."
Organized the Infection Control Instructor Course (continuing).
Released the "Vaccine Guidelines for Healthcare Professionals, Ver. 2."
Released the "Terminology Booklet, 2nd Ed."
2015 Established the Ethics Committee.
Established the Conflict of Interest Committee.
Released "Collection of Data on Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever, Vol. 1."
2016 Released the "Recommendations by Eight Societies on the Development of New Antibiotics."
Released the "Recommendations by Eight Societies on the Proper Use of Antibiotics." Released the "Terminology Booklet, 3rd Ed."
2017 Released the amended "Vaccine Guidelines for Healthcare Professionals, Ver. 2."
Released the "Vaccine Guidelines for Healthcare Professionals: MMRV Q&A."
Released the "Position Paper on the Control of Multidrug-resistant Gram-negative Infections, Ver. 2."
Released the "Guidance on the Implementation of the Program to Support Proper Use of Antibiotics."
Established the Public Relations Committee (renamed Risk Communications Committee in 2018).
Established the Occupational Infection Control Committee.
Established the Vaccine Committee.
Established the JSIPC Website and Social Networking Services Steering Committee.
The JSIPC journal, Japanese Journal of Environmental Infections, went online.
2018 Established the Environment of Care Committee.
Released the "Terminology Booklet, 4th Ed."
Held a seminar organized by the Risk Communications Committee.
Held a seminar organized by the Healthcare Environment Committee.
Held community seminars
Established the Clinical Research Promotion Committee.
Established the NICU Infection Prevention and Control Review Committee.
Established the Drafting Committee for the Guidelines for Clostridioides difficile Infection Control.
Established the ISO/TC304 National Mirror Committee.
2019 Updated the JSIPC website.
Established the General Affairs Committee.
Established the Finance Committee.
Established the Regional Seminar Committee.
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